China in World's Eyes Issued

Recently, the large-scale report of "China in World's Eyes" was issued in Beijing. Foreigners from more than 20 countries around the world were surveyed in the report. They were questioned about Chinese culture, their Olympic experience in Beijing, and impression on China's economics and so on.

The report reveals that things foreigners know about China are mostly affected by films and other pop culture, which are very superficial. Compared with Chinese clear understanding about America and Europe, foreigners know too little about China.

77% and 70% respondents chose Kung fu and the Great Wall respectively as the "representative things of China". Affected by Hollywood films, Kung fu impressed foreigners greatly; many of even thought that most Chinese could play Kung fu.

When asked which can represent China best, most foreigners chose the Great Wall, Kung fu and Chinese food; and 21% of them considered the Great as the best thing representing China, ranking No.1.

While in Chinese people's opinion, the four great inventions of ancient China--compass, printing(movable type),gunpowder and papermaking, should take this position, and they got 33% of the ratings. However, foreign interviewees seem not know the four great inventions very well, and only 6% of them voted the four great inventions. In addition, Chinese medicine only got 2% of ratings due to lack of communication with world.

Moreover, as for the animals can represent China best, dragon and panda incontrovertibly lie in the top two with ratings of 45% and 42%.